About Us

With the top rigging professionals, and more than 100 years experience in the trade we are willing to take on any specialised rigging job and are never afraid to take on a challenge. We as New Generation Rigging obtained letters of recommendation from various clients for a service well done. We have also upgraded to a level 2 BEE contributor.

We Specialise In The Following

General Rigging Heavy Lifts Rigging Solutions & Studies

Rigging Projects


Rope Inspections Changes

Chimney Specialist

Rigging Modules & Steel Structures - Boilers at Power Stations

Crane Hire - We have a 7, 8, 20, 30 & 80 Ton Mobile Cranes

Jacking System - Jacking a Maximum of 300 Ton

Design and Fabrication

Project management

Inspecting and Load testing

Rope Access

Rigging & Sales

More than 100 years of experience
Red Seal (Verified) Riggers
Rigger Assistants
Safety Officers
Admin Personnel
Rigging Equipment

Inspection and Load Testing Reg LME & LMI Scope of approval

Lifting tackle

Chain Blocks

Lever Hoists

Overhead Cranes


Mobile Cranes

Vehicle Hoist

We can also provide the following rigging equipment

Chain blocks, Lever Hoist & Tiffors

Shackles, Beam Clamps & Crawls
Steel Wire Rope Slings
Flat & Endless Round Slings
Man Cages
Mobile Cranes & 300 Ton Jacking System